I am a freelance website editor, facilitator, and web consultant. I have been working with groups, networks and communities on and offline since 1997.

I help organisations make pragmatic and transparent sense of what they want from the web, and how to manage it internally and externally. I also help groups of people identify what they want to be and do, and how to go about being and doing just that.

I live in Dorset, enjoy my family, being outdoors, walking, bicycling, gardening, reading mostly modern fiction.

“Although he is very clear, precise and focused he also has lots of emotional intelligence to carefully and happily actively aid groups towards goals. Group meetings with Ed are a pleasure. He also has plenty of technical, process knowledge and can see the bigger picture and connect it all up in one big thing that can be understood.”

Annesley Newholm, Lead Developer, Transition Network, 2015