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ROI for ‘communities’ is going to appear on our horizons for proper this year. We will have the debate from the sponsors asking if it’s worth it, and another one about which way around it should be – ie: ROI for whom? The sponsors, or the participants. Likewise there is much talk about the ROI of ‘social media’, and all of the projects I am working on have measurement built into them at the strategy level. Woohoo.

The Online Community Report crowd are doing a survey on this, so please have a read, fill it in, and pass it on.

Survey link here:Blurb follows. The more responses the better:

Dear Online Community Friend,

I’m writing to invite you to participate in a survey about the return on
investment for online community activities. We’re contacting people
that are knowledgeable about this topic. Those that fill out the survey
(which should take about 15 minutes) will get back from us the final
report containing compiled, anonymous results.

We chose this topic because we know that many organizations are actively
trying to determine the ROI for their online community activities. There
are very few resources on this topic, save experts like you.

If you are interested in this topic, please fill out the survey at:

Feel free to forward this note to others that might be interested. We’d
like folks to complete the survey by COB this Friday, 2/8, if possible.

Thanks for your participation and best regards,

Bill Johnston
Director, Community & Research
Forum One Communications

3 Responses to “Online community survey”

  1. paul johnston

    Kacin may be a wonderful person, but I rather fear her comment is spam. I got an identical one on my site and thought for a moment that it was genuine and then concluded that probably it was not. I am tempted to add my url in the website box, but then you may suspect that I have some ulterior motive for posting (as I rather think Kacin does). Paul

  2. Ed

    You know Paul, I had exactly the same feeling, and in the spirit of happiness, let it go. Then I went on a long run and thought I would remove it in fact as it didn’t say anything and the URL didn’t really seem relevant, so your comment is very timely. Sorry Kacin if we’re doing you down, but ah well there you go, to the spam holder…

    Paul if you have an interesting URL you can always send it to me direct :)

  3. Jenny Ambrozek

    Ed, glad to discover your blog. I know Bill Johnston and I can assure you this was a serious survey. I actually referenced the results in a recent blog post.

    You will see I’m fully in favour of doing a better of job of measuring results and value creation through interaction and participation. Looking forward to hearing what you have to say at the KIN Workshop March 6 and catching up then.

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