Web technology ‘do-er’

  • Website editing, administration, advice and support
  • Google Apps intranet set up and migrations
  • Drupal administration, advice and support
  • Use freely available ‘cloud’ services to organise, co-ordinate and deliver projects

We have enjoyed working with Ed on the development, hosting and maintenance of Transition Network internet services for 5 years. He is competent, insightful and understanding and we will miss working  with him.

Webarchitects Co-operative, 2015

Web and communications consultant

  • Consultancy for websites, projects, departments
  • Can be involved in, and bring value at, any stage of a web project
  • Experience of communications and engagement online
  • Long history with community-based projects, membership and NGO groups
  • Experienced in management of multi-disciplinary teams, varying budgets and technologies, producing requirements, handling agencies
  • Familiar with project managing web life cycle from strategy, to requirements, into production, and then round in no particular order: user experience design, usability, programming, editorial, interface design, measurement, bug fixing, maintenance, version 2 etc.

We found Ed to be an invaluable asset to the team bringing technical expertise and experience and excellent skills in working with people and groups to clarify vision and purpose; create joint action plans; and resolve conflicts. He understands that all successful IT initiatives both support and depend on good working relationships and a supportive organisational structure.

In addition, Ed is well respected and connected in the sector and brings a wealth of personal qualities including enthusiasm; dynamism; humour and reliability. He is an excellent team player and I have no hesitation in recommending him for future work in this area.

(Julie Richardson, Senior Lecturer and Head of Schumacher Worldwide, Schumacher College, 2015)


  • Working with groups to help them do what they want to do with pleasure
  • Workshop design and facilitation
  • Event design and facilitation
  • Meetings facilitation
  • Facilitator mentoring
  • Community engagement online and offline
  • Long term group design and development

Ed was the community editor (i.e. the boss of a lot of volunteers and the man in charge of the keys of the machine) during the best times of the KnowledgeBoard. He succeeded in pushing through an agenda of activities and in herding a lot of proud troublesome cats to write, moderate, and generally produce an award-winning knowledge-sharing community.

He supported, prodded and encouraged us all (editors and members), got the most out of a difficult corporate and infrastructure situation, and was key to getting us all to give our best. Hats off for an impressive work and a person that can do it.

(Miguel Cornejo Castro, Macuarium, 2007)