Venn diagram showing Project Management, Consultancy, Websites

Ed has a rare range of skills…

” … he can bridge the gap between web/IT technical teams and other members of staff in a way that I have very rarely encountered, while also bringing an acute emotional and organisation intelligence to all he does, and while also manifesting impressive energy, dedication and strategic thinking…”
Peter Lipman
Chair, Transition Network, 2018

Ed’s advice has been very sound and honest.

He’s been spot on so far with the “you can do that yourselves” and “leave that to the tech head” recommendations. He’s been like an engaged partner rather than a distant contractor and that’s been a recipe for success for us. Unreservedly recommended.
Ben Brangwyn
Comms for, 2019

The website is now something we can be proud of…

… enjoy editing, and is open to future developments. We don’t feel ‘locked in’ to technology or supplier as we’re using standard systems that we understand and others can pick up easily if necessary.
Now Ed is sorting things out we don’t have to worry about them. He is a safe and reliable pair of hands.
Dominic Acland, Kim Robinson
Wessex Community Assets, 2019

I would highly recommend your services

… to organisations looking to develop or update their websites.
Peter West
Secretary, Dorset Community Energy, 2017