Are looking for a Project Manager, Producer of Facilitator? Look no further!

I am open and interested in contracts or part time roles. I have a wide range of experiences in different contexts, with different approaches, learn fast, enjoy teams and have good references. Please send me an email 🙂

All of the work on this page comes with testimonials and I am happy to connect anyone interested with my clients to discuss what I do.

Why do I like working with Ed?

Firstly, because I trust that he will do a good job.

He delivers what he says he will deliver, which means I have one less thing to worry about.

Secondly, Ed has good ideas that work. He introduces technology in a way that is easy to grasp and most importantly, in a way that is actually helpful to achieving the task at hand.

Finally, I like working with Ed because he can keep complex, chaotic groups of ego-centric innovators working together to a deadline.

He introduces focus and structure in situations where it is not always welcome in a way that is acceptable and usually enjoyable to all who participate.

This is a rare and valuable skill.
Stephen Hilton
Programme Leader, Connecting Bristol, Bristol City Council, 2008


Project Management, Facilitation and Digital Production for the WordPress collection

  • Better Together: website re-build, new theme, move to Gutenberg, content migration
  • A company: workshop design and facilitation for Digital Strategy Project initiation
  • Transition Network: online facilitation for Climate Change conference


Mostly digital production (WordPress), facilitation coming up more…

Ed’s advice has been very sound and honest.

He’s been spot on so far with the “you can do that yourselves” and “leave that to the tech head” recommendations. He’s been like an engaged partner rather than a distant contractor and that’s been a recipe for success for us.

Unreservedly recommended.
Ben Brangwyn
Comms for, 2019


Mostly digital production with a medium term consultancy around digital production and facilitation mentoring.

The website is now something we can be proud of…

… enjoy editing, and is open to future developments. We don’t feel ‘locked in’ to technology or supplier as we’re using standard systems that we understand and others can pick up easily if necessary. 

Now Ed is sorting things out we don’t have to worry about them.

He is a safe and reliable pair of hands. 
Dominic Acland, Kim Robinson
Wessex Community Assets, 2019

2017 and earlier

2016 & 2017 was mostly digital production and consultancy.
2009 – 2015 permanent role as Digital and Communications Manager for Transition Network.
2006 – 2009 a mix of digital and face to face facilitation for groups, some big group events blended into online community models (Communities Of Practice, Learning, Interest, Membership Associations) and consultancy around ‘socio-technical design’ (ie: working with clients to understand their community/network goals and work out how to achieve them on and offline).
2004 – 2006 permanent role as Editor for KnowledgeBoard, an EC online community for knowledge management and innovation professionals across the world
2003 – 2004 MSc Information Technology (distinction) from UWE – thesis in web analytics and its use in organisations at the time
2002 – 2003 (?) Production Manager at

  • Dorset Community Energy: Website design and build, training and ongoing support
  • Kim Jones Wellbeing: website consultancy and delivery
  • Ultimate Fitness Dorset: Communications and web advice, race marshalling
  • Field of Wheat: Group facilitation design consultancy for environmental art project
  • Schumacher College: Online Community Development Consultancy
  • Transition Network: Web and Communications Manager
  • Bristol University Centre for Public Engagement: Strategic and tactical mentoring and advice during new website development process
  • Bristol City Council: Citizenscape project: training workshop design and facilitation for citizen facilitators
  • BBC Learning Development: Event design and facilitation: BBC Learning Unplugged
  • Bristol Natural History Consortium: Bristol Bioblitz: Blog, Flickr, Youtube etc. set up and training
  • Transition Towns: Project Manager: Web Project: consult, review, engage, produce recommendations for board
  • Making Music: Strategic web consultancy (Social Spaces, Storytelling, Narrative Analysis, Patterns, Ownership) with David Wilcox
  • Royal Society of Arts (annual fellows ‘Exchange’ event (20/11/08)): Blended event planning support and onsite facilitation
  •  Incisive Media (Online Information conference 2008): pre-event networking strategy workshops and facilitation mentoring & during event knowledge networking facilitation
  • British Council (Information and Knowledge annual conference (18/11/08)): Knowledge cafe facilitation
  • Global Fund Media: Strategic consultancy workshops for launching new social networking platform with blended facilitation through events
  • Interesting Games Festival (19-21/09/08): Game mentor and event team for games festival
  • ETH Zurich: Event design and facilitation for CO2 reduction event with the Unbla team (November 2008)
  • BBC Learning Department: Event design and facilitation for ‘Postcards’ event (Autumn 2008)
  • Dome Mode: Production manager and onsite team leader for marquee company (Summer 2008)
  • 2gether08: ‘live tag surfing’ conference group intervention with Dan Dixon (2/07/08)
  • DC10 plus: Event design and facilitation for ‘Communities building Capacity’ project practitioners’ workshop (11/06/08)
  • Connecting Bristol: Design and facilitate ‘Virtual Farmer’s Market collaboration’ event (29/05/08)
  • Bristol’s Gurteen Knowledge Cafes: Curate and co-facilitate regular Gurteen Knowledge Community meetings
  • Jiva Technology: Social Architecture consultancy for new product and community engagement with Dan Dixon
  • VSO (Voluntary Service Overseas): Membership community launch with Sift including management level consultancy and team building for community team, Community team preparation and training, online community launch strategy, mentorship of community team for online facilitation
  • iShed: Blended facilitation for Pervasive Media Sandbox project including long term group design and planning, events design and facilitation, virtual space design and facilitation, client mentoring, after action reviews and reporting
  • British Council (external collaboration dept): Community management workshop design and delivery in partnership with Cordovan
  • Arts Council of England: Online community consultancy with Partnerships Online: OD Thrive! Project
  • CILIP: Online membership community consultancy with Sift
  • REDR: pro-bono engagement and membership consultancy
  • Bristol Skillswap: (Ex) Curator, facilitator, organiser
  • We Love Ashton Court Festival: Creator and idea realise-er