A big list of varied works from over the years:

  • Schumacher College: Web Production for ‘Schumacher Network’ online community platform
  • Dorset Community Energy: Website design and build, training and ongoing support
  • Kim Jones Wellbeing: website consultancy and delivery
  • Ultimate Fitness Dorset: Communications and web advice, race marshalling
  • Dorchester Yoga and Therapy Centre: WordPress maintenance, site and newsletter copy, design
  • Field of Wheat: Group facilitation design consultancy for environmental art project
  • Schumacher College: Online Community Development Consultancy
  • Transition Network: Web and Communications Manager
  • Bristol University Centre for Public Engagement: Strategic and tactical mentoring and advice during new website development process
  • Bristol City Council: Citizenscape project: training workshop design and facilitation for citizen facilitators
  • BBC Learning Development: Event design and facilitation: BBC Learning Unplugged
  • Bristol Natural History Consortium: Bristol Bioblitz: Blog, Flickr, Youtube etc. set up and training
  • Transition Towns: Project Manager: Web Project: consult, review, engage, produce recommendations for board
  • Making Music: Strategic web consultancy (Social Spaces, Storytelling, Narrative Analysis, Patterns, Ownership) with David Wilcox
  • Royal Society of Arts (annual fellows ‘Exchange’ event (20/11/08)): Blended event planning support and onsite facilitation
  • Incisive Media (Online Information conference 2008):
    • pre-event networking strategy workshops and facilitation mentoring
    • during event knowledge networking facilitation
  • British Council (Information and Knowledge annual conference (18/11/08)): Knowledge cafe facilitation
  • Global Fund Media: Strategic consultancy workshops for launching new social networking platform with blended facilitation through events
  • Fashioning an Ethical Industry: pro-bono requirements and pre-specification technical advice
  • Interesting Games Festival (19-21/09/08): Game mentor and event team for games festival
  • ETH Zurich: Event design and facilitation for CO2 reduction event with the Unbla team (November 2008)
  • BBC Learning Department: Event design and facilitation for ‘Postcards’ event (Autumn 2008)
  • Dome Mode: Production manager and onsite team leader for marquee company (Summer 2008)
  • 2gether08: ‘live tag surfing’ conference group intervention with Dan Dixon (2/07/08)
  • DC10 plus: Event design and facilitation for ‘Communities building Capacity’ project practitioners’ workshop (11/06/08)
  • Connecting Bristol: Design and facilitate ‘Virtual Farmer’s Market collaboration’ event (29/05/08)
  • Bristol’s Gurteen Knowledge Cafes: Curate and co-facilitate regular Gurteen Knowledge Community meetings
  • Jiva Technology: Social Architecture consultancy for new product and community engagement with Dan Dixon
  • VSO (Voluntary Service Overseas): Membership community launch with Sift
    • Management level consultancy and team building for community team
    • Community team preparation and training
    • Online community launch strategy
    • Mentorship of community team for online facilitation
  • iShed: Blended facilitation for Pervasive Media Sandbox project:
    • Long term group design and planning
    • Events design and facilitation
    • Virtual space design and facilitation
    • Client mentoring
    • After action reviews and reporting
  • National Trust (Volunteering team): Pro-bono online volunteer engagement advice
  • British Council (external collaboration dept): Community management workshop design and delivery in partnership with Cordovan
  • Frank Water: Multi-platform community and volunteers advice
  • BBC Trust: Support for conversational interface pilot with Partnerships Online
  • Arts Council of England: Online community consultancy with Partnerships Online: OD Thrive! Project
  • Amnesty UK: Multi-platform community development
  • CILIP: Online membership community consultancy with Sift
  • REDR: pro-bono engagement and membership consultancy
  • Gurteen Knowledge Forum:  online facilitation
  • Life Cycle UK: Ongoing Information Systems and strategy consultancy
  • Bristol Skillswap: (Ex) Curator, facilitator, organiser
  • We Love Ashton Court Festival: Creator and idea realise-er


Why do I like working with Ed?

Firstly, because I trust that he will do a good job. He delivers what he says he will deliver, which means I have one less thing to worry about.

Secondly, Ed has good ideas that work. He introduces technology and “web 2” type things in a way that is easy to grasp and most importantly, in a way that is actually helpful to achieving the task at hand.

Finally, I like working with Ed because he has a big horn, which he is not scared to use! Ed can keep complex, chaotic groups of ego-centric innovators working together to a deadline. He introduces focus and structure in situations where it is not always welcome in a way that is acceptable and usually enjoyable to all who participate. This is a rare and valuable skill.”
(Stephen Hilton, Programme Leader, Connecting Bristol, Bristol City Council, 2008)