Are looking for a Project Manager, Producer or Facilitator? Look no further!

I am open and interested in contracts or part time roles. I have a wide range of experiences in different contexts, with different approaches, learn fast, enjoy teams and have good references. Please send me an email 🙂

We found Ed to be an invaluable asset to the team

bringing technical expertise and experience and excellent skills in working with people and groups to clarify vision and purpose; create joint action plans; and resolve conflicts. 

He understands that all successful IT initiatives both support and depend on good working relationships and a supportive organisational structure.

In addition, Ed is well respected and connected in the sector and brings a wealth of personal qualities including enthusiasm; dynamism; humour and reliability. 

He is an excellent team player and I have no hesitation in recommending him for future work in this area.
Julie Richardson
Senior Lecturer and Head of Schumacher Worldwide, Schumacher College

Who am I and what do I do? 

I am a Digital Manager, Producer and Facilitator working in the ‘third’ (NGO, community, environment) sector. I am freelance at the time of writing with various contracts. I am looking for a permanent, or longer term contract role somewhere I can settle in and be part of the organisation.

My work breaks down loosely into Digital Management, Production and Facilitation.

Management / Project Management

  • Standalone and multi-stakeholder projects, departments, organisations, community groups
  • Long history with community-based projects, membership and NGO groups
  • Experienced in management of multi-disciplinary teams, varying budgets and technologies, producing requirements, handling agencies
  • Familiar with project managing iterative digital life cycle from strategy, to requirements, into production, and then round: user experience design, usability, programming, editorial, interface design, measurement, bug fixing, maintenance, version 2 etc.
  • Source and manage digital IT infrastructure and suppliers for affordable accessible environmentally friendly (open source) frameworks (e.g. web hosting, CMS publishing, ticketing tracking, web analytics, Intranet
  • Produce the products (e.g. organisational websites, directories, fora, blogs, newsletters, social networking software, etc.)
  • Deliver the services in collaboration with wide variety of user groups (e.g. national volunteer blogging project, one click websites for community groups, news aggregation and distribution engines, apps and widgets)
  • Manage the technology from strategic roadmaps to operational details; used to oversight for multiple web applications on different platforms and user groups
  • Care for, and about, staff: recruit and manage contractors and volunteers; have co-created technical co-op with developers and designers to deliver technologies
  • Manage multi-streamed budgets; sought and secured funding, reported to funders, so far haven’t gone over-budget!


  • Produce and manage a ‘stable’ of sensible, simple and affordable WordPress sites for organisations making the world a better place (see websites page)
  • Project manage larger digital projects (most recently a social networking platform)
  • Provide WordPress experience, advice and support
  • Provide Google Apps intranet set up and migrations
  • Provide Drupal experience, advice and support
  • Provide advice on, and produce available ‘cloud’ services to organise, co-ordinate and deliver projects

Most recently I was the technical producer for Schumacher College, producing/project managing The Schumacher Network; a complex online community system


  • Facilitated groups and communities on and offline over a range of time periods in contexts ranging from joyous collaboration to uncomfortable conflict via change, expansion and reduction
  • Designed and facilitated workshops, events and meetings in a range of sectors, locations and purposes
  • Online ‘socio-technical’ production for physical events/conferences: ie work with event teams to agree community development patterns around physical events and produce online services to support
  • Outreach and network development
  • Facilitator mentoring
  • Individual coaching
  • Community engagement online and offline
  • Long term group design and development

Hats off for an impressive work and a person that can do it

Ed was the community editor (i.e. the boss of a lot of volunteers and the man in charge of the keys of the machine) during the best times of the KnowledgeBoard.

He succeeded in pushing through an agenda of activities and in herding a lot of proud troublesome cats to write, moderate, and generally produce an award-winning knowledge-sharing community.

He supported, prodded and encouraged us all (editors and members), got the most out of a difficult corporate and infrastructure situation, and was key to getting us all to give our best. 
Miguel Cornejo Castro
Macuarium, 2007

As a contractor, how is it to work with me?

My approach is like having that person in your organisation. I handle all of the website-related questions that come up in an organisation using the web or doing a web project – including strategy, IT, design, communications, engagement, training, internal structure, operations, decision-making, long term service arrangements, updates, power, conflict resolution, who gets to say what goes on the homepage etc.

I work transparently using transparent project management tools (unless requested to use alternatives). Each step is documented as pithily as possible. I aim to be replaceable at any step as well – ie someone else could step in, read the notes, and pick up where I left off.

We have enjoyed working with Ed

on the development, hosting and maintenance of Transition Network internet services for 5 years. He is competent, insightful and understanding and we will miss working  with him.